EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy - Demo Portal

The EDIT Platform Sandbox

For demonstration and training purposes, we provide "sandbox" installations of the EDIT Platform. These are open for use by anybody wanting to experiment with the TaxEditor component of the Platform and see the results as a web-publication in the Platform’s data portal.

Naturally, the data portals used in this context do not show all the features that may be implemented – have a look at those listed under https://cybertaxonomy.org/?q=DataPortalReference to get an impression of different layouts, the selection of interactive elements and the different output formats that can be implemented.

To install the Taxonomic Editor software that is used for data entry and editing, see the instructions under "Install" in the menu above.

There are a number of EDIT Platform demonstration databases  (a.k.a. “CDM Instances”) on two servers available on-line. To open them in the TaxEditor, use the menu option General -> Connect. In the following dialog choose the CDM Server “edit-WS I” or “edit-WS II” and one of the databases (“CDM Instances”). Currently the demo is set up to allow parallel use of 5 databases with the same data, in order to support EDIT Platform workshops (the databases are numbered _01 to _05). Those called empty_demo let you start with a completely unpopulated database, the others contain content from several publicly available datasets (usually not in the most up-to-date stage, though):

  • Caryophyllales_demo contains data taken from the generic checklist of Caryophyllales
  • Nepenthaceae_demo contains data taken from the Nepenthaceae checklist
  • FaunaEuropaea_demo is the dataset of the Fauna Europaea checklist
  • Cuba_demo is the original dataset of the Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Cuba.

Please contact the Platform Support to obtain a login and password.

Please note that the demo databases are reset every night at 6:00 CET.

Click on Connect to start working with the respective database in the TaxEditor.